1.Where is the Crystal originate from ?

Crystal glass is originate from Europe, the main factories are located at France, Italy and  Germany in Western Europe and the Czech Republic, Hungary at Eastern Europe. The inchoate Crystal glass is smelted by mixing sand (Silica) and lead oxide, each factory has its own recipe, so that special sparkling crystal, clarity is depends on the quality of the polished technology.  

What we call "Full Lead Crystal" is contained 24% or more than 24% of lead, however, the lead content of "Crystal Glass" is lower than 24%. The benefits of lead content is heavier, more shinning, more transparent, clear and bright, but the disadvantages are more soft and easy fragile, so that means not more lead contents make the crystal better.

Nowdays more and more  people pay attention to the concept of environmental protection, so that the production of crystal glass has been infiltrated by elements of environmental protection. So most of crystal factories start to manufacture new lead-free crystal, we call them optical crystals, the great virtue of this crystal is highly flexible and can be special shaped. High clarity, perfectly faced and lead-free, used for areas at crystal awards, crystal crafts, corporate gifts, crystal beads, crystal lighting, paperweight and jewelry.

2.What is Lead Crystal? What is Optical Crystal? How is Crystal Made?

lead crystal

Lead Crystal

Lead crystal is made from glass that has been treated with lead oxide and hand or machine cut to make facets. This gives the glass a higher index of refraction and creates an attractive sparkling effect that is prized throughout the world.

Englishman George Ravenscroft is credited with discovering lead crystal in 1676. Today, popular manufacturers of lead crystal include Waterford Crystal, Swarovski, Steuban Glass, Royal Leerdam, Mikasa, and Baccarat. These companies make lead crystal drinking glasses and serving dishes, as well as sculptures, miniatures, jewelry, chandeliers, candleholders, Christmas ornaments, and home décor items.

Some types of lead crystal can contain up to 33% lead, so you will want to use caution when drinking or eating from your crystal. Acidic food and beverages, such as pickles, fruit juices, wine, or soft drinks, can leach significant amounts of lead from the containers they are stored in. Research has proven that lead exposure can cause forgetfulness, memory loss, nausea, depression, fatigue, joint pain, vomiting, and abdominal cramping. High levels of lead exposure can even lead to sterility or brain damage.

As those weak points, more and more crystal factories start to use lead-free crystals to make crystal crafts and crystal gifts. Glory Crystal mostly use lead-free crystal materials to produce awards, trophies, gifts, paperweight, crystal beads, Chandelier Parts and Jewelries.

Optical Crystal

optical crystal

Optical Crystal is a completely Lead Free material. Make a patch against Lead Crystal, optical crystal is more transparent and hard. Also it can be cut with special shapes. With this lead-free optical crystal (optic crystal) be handmade by high-quality handicrafts, brilliant crystal awards, trophies, crystal crafts, crystal gifts, paperweight, crystal jewelry, crystal beads, crystal balls, recognition corporate awards and crystal parts are made perfectly.

If our clients need color crystals, that also available for us. The optical color is alterable, we can offer lead free crystals with many color crystals (like blue crystal, black crystal, red crystal, green crystal, golden crystal, etc).

China is the biggest crystal manufacture base in the world so far, and Glory Crystal is located at the biggest crystal production base in china (at Zhejiang Province, more than 85% made-in-china crystals are produced here) and acts as a leading supplier here. That's why Glory Crystal has been offering our clients high-quality products, fast delivery and best services since our foundation.

3.What is Clear Glass? What is Jade Glass? How is Glass Made?

Clear Glass

flat clear glass

Clear glass is a kind of exceeding clarity and low iron glass, which is also called low iron glass, high transmittance glass. It is a new type of high grade glass that has high performance and multifunction, the light transmittance achieves above 91.5%, it has the character of glittering and translucent, elegant and graceful. Clear glass also has all the processable performances that high quality float glass has, has predominant physical, mechanical and optical characters, so it can been processed as other high quality float glass. Incomparably predominant quality and performance make the clear glass has wider application space and brighter market forground.

Clear Glass is lead-free, high transparent and brilliant appearance.

Glory Crystal offers glass awards, trophies, crafts, glass paperweights, pendants, and other glass products made from Clear Glass.

Jade Glass

jade glass

Jade Glass is also called "Recycled Glass" or "Jade Crystal",  the jade glass is also lead-free, low iron, high transparent and brilliant appearance.